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The car pictured is my 1989 Porsche 964 Carrera 4. The 964 debuted in 1989 as the Carrera 4, as an all wheel drive sports car. This is by far one of the most technology advanced cars of this generation which included a new range of electronic systems to control engine management, ABS and the all wheel drive power train.

I have learned a great amount of experience with this car. The 964 is used as my daily driver and yes I do drive it in all weather conditions. Since owning it I have installed PBR Ceramic brake pads and PEX sensors from our stock. The ceramic pads are by far the best pads for everyday driving and occasional Porsche club driving events. They give excellent brake control under a wide variety of wet, dry and performance driving conditions. The Carrera 3.6L was tuned with Bosch distributor cap, rotor and platinum spark plugs. The tune up also included the installation of a new Bosch Oxygen Sensor and having the distributor rebuilt with a new belt and bearings. I also used Meistersatz valve cover gaskets to seal up the engine when it began to drip.

The Porsche 993, Carrera 2 & Carrera 4

The 993 is what is said to be the last of the wide body air cooled generation cars. These are some of the most highly sought after cars by many Porsche enthusiasts and coinsures. The 993 took on more of an appearance and image of the famous 930 slant nose Porsches with a more aerodynamic front end and with wider front fenders and quarter panels commonly referred to as "the hips." The 3.6L produced 270hp. Common repairs include tune-up parts with Bosch distributor caps, rotors and plugs. The sloped Bosch headlight and fog light lens take a beating from flying rocks and other debris. Many folks upgrade the standard brake rotors/discs for the Zimmerman sport cross drilled rotors/discs and Pagid brake pads with PEX brake sensors.

Original Equipment Manufacture parts are readily available for all the 964, 993,Carrera 2 & Carrera 4 Porsches. We have tune up, electrical parts, belts and filters by Bosch, VDO-Siemens, Behr, Hella, Mahle, Mann, Hengst and ContiTech. Brake pads and rotors/discs by Jurid, Pagid, PBR, Mintex, Brembo, Zimmerman, ATE and Textar. Genuine engine, transmission and clutch parts from Mahle, TRW, Canyon, Sachs and Febi-Bilsteib. We stock factory emblems, weatherstrips and seals for windshields, hoods, trunks and doors, with Meyle and Stabilus hood and trunk struts.

We stock thousands of part numbers and provide bumper to bumper coverage for Porsches and many other European heritage automobiles.

Our website features an easy to navigate catalog system that makes it easy for you select the correct parts for your car. Begin now by entering your year, make and model in the selection box. Then go to the area of the car you're working on, i.e., the engine, gaskets, filters, body, etc. Once there you will see a brief title of the part and in most cases a photo to help you to know if it is the correct part for your car.

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